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This is a blog for the family and friends of Collin Park. He will be serving a two year mission in the Sierra Leone Freetown Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, he left on January 24, 2013. While Collin is on his mission his Mom will be posting pictures and letters as she gets them, the content will be straight from Collin (unless otherwise noted) - spelling and punctuation will be corrected of course! Commentary and clarification may be added by his Mom as needed.
UPDATE: Collin's mission was split in half! The Sierra Leone Mission included the country of Liberia when Collin first left. As of July 1, 2013, the mission was split along the border and the new mission created: the Liberia, Monrovia Mission. Collin will never see the country of Sierra Leone. He has been in Monrovia Liberia since he left the MTC in Ghana.
ANOTHER UPDATE: Because of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, Liberia and Sierra Leone Missions were evacuated on August 4, 2014 and missionaries were reassigned to different missions. Collin was reassigned to the Salt Lake City Central Mission.

Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12, 2014

This week was full of hard work and sweat…. The sun is hot man!!!

I wish all the Mothers in the world a Happy Mothers day. Calling my family was by far the best part of the week!!

Here is the letter that I sent to my Mission President. (because we had just talked to him the day before, he really didn’t have anything to write about)


This week seemed to be the hardest working week for Elder Godi and I.  We really felt like we were effective throughout the week.  We did a lot of contacting and finding, but we realized because some of the dates we had for the investigators from the Elders before were very long past, we couldn’t find them, so we found new people. We found one man whose father is a member but passed not too long ago.  He would often times go to church with him over in Caldwell.  As we were walking to our next appointment he called us over.  It was a small miracle because he said he loved the church but moved once his father died and could never find the missionaries.

We also were told about a Recent Convert we needed to see.  Problem was that we didn’t know where she lived.  So we got to the general place and just started asking people for her, since we didn’t have her number, we just starting to ask.   We eventually found her and it was great that we did, she was asked to teach in Relief Society on Sunday about the blessings that come from the Priesthood.  So we were able to help her prepare for that.

The branch is great.  President Wesseh is fantastic.  The branch is having the meetings that they should be having which is great.  We are working well with our Branch Mission Leader and he actually helps us.
I hope that all of you had a great week.

Elder Park
The White African

Extra emails:
I’m in the Sinkor zone and Zone conference will be on May 23rd.

I told him we finally got a Café Rio restaurant nearby, he said:  “I want Cafe Rio bad!!!”  He wants to go to Café Rio on the way home from the airport next January!  

He got to call home on Mother’s Day, we talked to him for almost w hours, and then he called Katie, Grandma and Grandpa.  “I’m glad grandma was excited I called, grandpa was hilarious!!”  I asked him what was so funny with Grandpa and he said:  “he asked how long i talked to you and I said about 2 hours.  He said,that’s terrible way to long!!   It was just funny."

Notes from the Mother’s Day call:

We play baseball batting practice with Easter Eggs every year.  He asked how many eggs we hit this year.  I told him I brought about 8 dozen.  Did I realize we smashed 48 breakfasts?

“I only put deodorant on so I don’t forget how”

He’s in a nicer area of Liberia, the former president of Liberia used to live about 5 minutes from his apartment,  the “Palm Springs Resort” is nearby, so is the Chinese Embassy.  This area has a lot of hills so he gets a workout every day. I asked him if the President still lived there, and he said no.   He was corrupt and because of what he did during the war the English have put him in a prison in England for war crimes.

“love handles” are called “rice bags” by the missionaries because they eat so much rice.

He would rather get malaria than some of the other diseases they have over there.

It didn’t matter what Derek would brag about doing here, Collin would always say “but I’m in Africa!”  He loves it there and doesn’t mind missing movies, ball games, or many other things, because he gets to be in Africa!

One more phone call and then he will be coming home!   

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